Saturday, December 10, 2011

Obscured Secretions- Promo 2011

So Disgorge is kinda in limbo right now. Basically its went in three seperate ways,
this is a second version of too violently vomit but with some original tunes? Not really sure if this band is gonna keep on but man I sure hope they do this is gooooooooddd. Matti Way on voxs too! Hopefully this can hold you over until and the weak shall perish that Unique Leader is being oddly quiet about.

Cephalotripsy- Promo 2011


Friday, December 9, 2011

DOombLacK's beSt of 2011!!!!!!!

Figured I would have to do one of these at some point, havent really been digging much BM or doom (which is strange since that is the reason I started this horrible blog in the first place) this year which is probably one of the reasons that this blog is suffering, but what can I say?
Sometimes in life you need alittle more focus on primitive slams and ripping hits from the gorebong and alittle less focus on hating people and cold weather.
Its a possibility that my taste will shift once the whole state of Pennsylvania is covered in a few feet of snow, but for now and this year i enjoyed the pittriffment more that usual.

So on to the list if anyone wants my two cents...

Condemned- Realms of the Ungodly, This cd is just awesome, some really razor sharp riffs and aggressive breaks all soaked with a thin veil of dark atmosphere. Basically these dudes listen to too much Disgorge and decided to play exactly what they hear and throw is some chromatic slam riffs. Ive heard alot of reviews saying its such a step up from there last album "Desecrate the Vile" but im going to have to disagree they both do what they set out to do and they both do it well but they are mad differents. This on Unique leader go out and buy it this shit rulez.

Cephalotripsy- 2011 Promo- Nothing needed to be said about this one, it came out like 3 days ago and is seriously awesome.

Craft- Void- I think this one just kinda needed to be mentioned, probably the most anticipated album for me in recent memory and if defintaly lived up to its hype, not quite as fast as I would like but very good none the less

Anomalous-Ohmnivalent- oh man I dont remember what month this record came out, but i know it was in the beginning of the year and its been on my constant rotation all year long. This is one of those bands that you kinda over look because their first full release is kinda shitty with shit production and just really shitty, but I decided to give this a chance and it did not dissappoint. Think Meshuggah mixed with Cryptopsy.

Pathology- Awaken the Suffering- This cd is great, the best way to describe it is primitive tech slam influenced brutal death metal. That tour with Grave and Blood Red Throne was def a high light of my concert going career. Plus, Shawn Whitaker on vocals... you really cant beat that.

Abnormity- Irreversible Disintegration- This cd is retarded/ amazing. Russian BDM think Abominable Putridity using great production creating a slam wall of slam sound that sounds like a tank about to slam you over then youll get it.

ASAP Rocky - LiveLoveA$ap - Thanks to brett over at anihilate for connected me back to my hip hop roots once again

Ezophagothomia- Instinct of Inhuman Devourment- This is slam, this is pure heaviness. It takes a few spins to really appreciate this record because they totally triggered and fucked up the shit out of the drums, but once the kick drums wears on you this album is addictive as fuck.

Honorable Mentions:

Origin - entity - its cool this band started to write some really catchy and groovy tech death the best part is its very memorable now. I enjoyed it.
Visceral Disgorge- techy slam pretty good shit to harsh your mellow.

So yeah thats it other than that i've been listenin to alot of Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Ahab, Disgorge, Nachtmystium, Infernal War and all that shit.
I'm sure that the new Leviathan would have made it up there if I have had the time to listen to it.

also still looking for more contributors so email me up diekillyourselfdie (@) hot()

Friday, November 25, 2011

Revelation of Doom - Shemhamforash

I guess when Hate disbanded their guitarist started these guys up. That's what tells me, anyway. I listen to Hate and, as we all know now, this band as well, and never put the 2 together.  That's a shortcoming on my part, and I'm sorry. Uhhh… so I guess these guys are alright. Blackened Death is definitely a good place to start when describing them, though I never understood why that's never been shortened to just Black Death which is so much cooler and reminds me of rats, plague spreading via filth, the futility of struggle, and, ultimately, Albert Camus. So I guess by a very long string of subjective relations, this is definitively my kind of music, especially considering the track The Goat Whore which I swear is referring to me when they grunt what sounds like "bourbon creation" in the chorus. I like that song so much I use the goats as my ringtone, which imbues me with a kind of tech/metal (get it?) chic because not a lot of people pick up on the brutality of goats beying with bells in the distant background OR my own inherent brutal-ness. Occasionally, though, they do. Sometimes even girls do, and in that case we go have sweaty bacon sex.

Basically, I hear those goats and I think, "yeah, come over here, you dirty whore."

Friday, November 11, 2011

LSD March - Jurando

   Look at that tiny, grainy picture - it's all there is of this album online! That tells you something concerning how very good it is.

   A warning - this isn't metal (uhoh). Another warning - its in another language (uhoh). He's probably singing about how your Burberry and Louis Vuitton outfit is as expensive as it is lame, right? Or maybe just making up all kinds of unfounded non-truths about you but still arguing them at a skill level that makes them hurt despite their complete untruth.

   Well, asshole, I've got news for you, and if you give me time I'll be sure to make it hurt.  But to start, what's with the snow? You live in Himeji, home of no snow ever and really poor representations of dolphins. 

   But, I'll give you credit: in that 100% not-Scandavian-esque-wasteland that is the middle of Honshu, you've made something outstanding; an isolated, introspective, lo-fi psychedelic folk experience that I can't really ask more from. I don't know what the hell you recorded on, but it sounds so bad that it imploded on itself and somehow tricks me into thinking this is some of the best music I've heard in a while. I now drink the cheapest of whiskey on those lonely nights to your acoustic escapades of estrangement, and not The Cure's. Which is an improvement, arguably.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Struck By Lightning - Serpents

'sup. I'm back after a bunch of months not posting on here. But nobody reads this or comments, and that chat box or whatever is fucking lame, so whatever fuck you guys what the hell am I even doing trying to rain enlightenment down on you who aren't even there. Talking to a goddamn wall.

Coffins played tonight over at Earthdom. Terror Squad and Barebones were on the bill, too, so I was all giddy and excited, and then there was the headliner with a name I had never heard of that's too long and is like 75% of the way to being cool but definitely not there yet, Struck by Lightning... Nouns are totally the way to go, guys. Electric Immolation? I don't know.

From the depths of the moss-consumed and dungeonous caves of brutal informatics, the Metal Archives:

"First thing's first - Wow. Now that I've got that out of the way, I heard about these sludgy, hardcore death metal band when I heard they were lining up behind Weedeater in a new tour. I had never heard the name, so I decided to check them out, and I'm so happy I did. I instantly fell in love with the band. This whole release fit so many sounds that I liked, it was hard for me to put it down for almost a week. I think in the month or two I've had it, all 11 songs on the album have at least 15 plays each in my ITunes.

Serpents is the debut release by this band, and it was an interesting improvement to the scene that they are in. I can say that aside from a few hardcore bands, I detest the scene for the reason that it is just so fucking boring. This band hits sounds that remind me of Samothrace, Nihilist, Malevolent Creation and the Cro-Mags. I was astounded at the immense amount of weird, intense death metal influenced by punk on this record.

For a punk influenced band, the instrumental parts of the record were phenomenal. So much passion was in the music. The guitars fit well with the bass, which was amazingly heard, unlike a lot of death metal or punk. In fact, I think the bass was the highlight of the album. It was really loud, very atmospheric, just all around a lovely sound that just makes you sit back in awe. Drums on the album were slightly easier then I would have put on there though. As a drummer myself, the fills were slightly slower then the average punk plays and the songs themselves follow a sort of doom metal feel at times, but it's a good feel to the album. I'd sit back and chill to this album any day.

Vocals were ASTOUNDING. For a band that uses the crust/hardcore style of singing, it felt so right. I didn't know what to thing when I heard the song "Silent and Still". It was honestly like the Cro-Mags met Kataklysm. It was so crushing, that my chest felt heavy, yet so soothing my spirit felt at ease. I even felt a sense of passion in them that I have not heard in a long ass time. Another good thing about the album is that it's so angry, yet so focused. I hate it when bands just sound like chaotic messes due to their anger, which is why Anaal Nathrakh pisses me off a lot of the time. This band feels so channeled, that it the album is just right."

This guy is a fucking idiot. There is no death-metal influence. The "crust/hardcore style of singing" he mentions belongs in this kind of music. That's like saying you were surprised at how natural a chicken with feathers looks.   No matter how many live plucked chickens running around clucking their goddamn heads off you look at, it NEVER starts looking like something I should be proud of doing.

You know Cursed? What about Disfear? His Hero is Gone? Throw a bit of recent Converge and rarely, VERY rarely something that makes you remember that "oh, yeah, there IS a band called Baroness. Didn't they used to be way awesomer?" into those memories of me drinking beer at the roboto project in high school, and you've got yourself this band that should probably seriously debate whether to keep their name or change it to something cool. 

Final verdict? It's a'ight. Inexplicably, I kept finding myself thinking about The Atlas Moth, who I'm really not all that keen on, while listening to these guys. Aside from that, I probably would've enjoyed drinking beer and running around while they played, but I did that, drunk on high art, conversation and (mostly) 
too much whiskey, in Kabukicho, at probably 4 AM, by myself last night, so I wasn't really up to it. Instead I just crossed my arms, didn't talk to anyone, drank pepsi, and dicked around on my phone while pretending, hoping, praying to fucking GOD in his Silver City that I was cool because I listen to music way better than everyone else and am in general just better than other people, watch INTERESTING movies, pretend to be an artist but RARELY overcome crippling self-doubt that siphons the willpower out of my shriveled soul, survive natural disasters in a most excellent, Bill-and-Ted kind of way, and yet I'm still not president of the world. What the fucks up with that. 

Bergraven- Dödsvisioner (2007)

Black metal and ambient with alot of clean acoustic passages, harsh commanding germanicesque vocals, really cool shit.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shitestrom- Nihil:Aeternum (2011)

Black metal from Erie, PA. 
Exekkutioner from Celestia(fra) and Croak from Taste the Steel. Raw, fast and great beer chugging black metal. On christhammer records.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


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Friday, May 6, 2011

Witchtrap - Sorceress Bitch

Well, its almost summer. Which reminds me, this band is from Columbia. And much like the coming months, they will make your chest resonate with the thundering beats of your heart, though it isn't because of your dorky eyes catching the few glimpses of above-knee female flesh you get annually, but rather because of their sick and poorly-written tales of human sacrifice and bloody black magic!!!!!!

If you like Venom, you'll get a kick out of this.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Endless Disease- Our Dawn is the End


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Submissions: Myosis - Schism of Precepts (Split w/ J) & Obsidian Kingdom - 3-11

So occasionally I get requests from bands across the globe to post their material. Recently I've received these two albums. 

Myosis is a Pakistani Doom Metal band that plays pretty straight-forward, head-nodding doom with the requisite lyrics about enlightenment and stuff. Its a bit repetitious, but theres a groove there, and I definitely get a Gallhammer vibe from them, which is good. I'll be honest and say they've got some work to do, especially drums wise, but overall they've at least got the atmosphere right, and so its a decent slab of distorted muck, and a pretty good first effort. 

J's from Thailand or something. J plays funeral doom, or something.

Myosis (and J) - Schism of Precepts

I did a bit of research on this band, and get a lot of tech death metal descriptions, saying how they're huge on the underground scene or something. Upon first hearing it, I immediately pegged them as melodic death, but I'd say occasionally they venture into at least quasi-technical territory. Well, once, to my recollection. When they're doing the melodic death thing, I'd say its pretty decent, but they have this annoying habit of also going into James Maynard Keenan mode and pulling off this Tool/Perfect Circle shit, which really rubs me the wrong way. Overall, I'd say there's definitely potential here, but at least as far as this EP is concerned they really need to peg down an identity for themselves. The melodic stuff's alright, and the quasi-tech stuff they occasionally go for also works for them, but FUCK I hate anything that sounds like JMK had anything to do with it.

Side note: 311? Really? You couldn't think of anything better?
Come Original, guys. You've got to fucking come original.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Belphegor - Blutsabbath

Austrian "Blackened Death Metal". Or so I'm told. I hear a bit of Gorgoroth, and some of the Polish BM acts in this. So its more just like, not True but rather what BM has come to these days. Not a bad thing, just a far shot from what it used to be. Christ, just look at Behemoth. 

Their logo reminds me way too much of Mayhem. Get some originality guys, jeez.

On a serious note, I've finally finished relocating to Tokyo after being displaced for over a month due to the tsunami, so I should be back on this blog often enough, posting stuff that people refuse to comment on thus leading me to post more shit that no one cares about because you selfish shits won't tell me what you think.

Fuck you, I hope you're happy.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Il Sangue - Elegia 4: …In Still Desolation

This is some really, really, really caustic music. Black Metal, but, like, way more wretched and vile. Did you ever see that awesome space movie Event Horizon? You know that seen when they descramble the video they found and its this scene of people pooping guts and shoving their fists and arms down other peoples throats and what not? And then that guy says "Ich liebe dich" or whatever it might have been latin while showing you his eyeballs that he ripped out of his head? This would be an awesome soundtrack to a feature length version of that…

...Or at least the parts that aren't really pretty acoustic interludes. Anyway, I think Ulver would be proud of these guys - terrible sound quality, shredded vocals, chainsaws, and mexican mariachi all figure into this album.

Speaking of movies, I heard a rumor they're making a sequel to Bad Santa, which is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Noise A-Go-Go's - Rock 'n' Noise, Grind 'n' Roll


Guess who survived a 9.0 earthquake and a 4 or 5 meter tsunami that destroyed his apartment and caused a nuclear reactor to explode in Japan with barely a scratch, most of his shit, and a huge wad of cash he didn't have prior to the accident? THISSSS GUUYYYYYY. So, to celebrate my newly-discovered immortality, here's a festering slab of Grindabilly (I guess that works…) straight from the oozing bowels of the land of the rising sun.  Its kind of like if Elvis sang in farts, and had spastic fits on stage while trying pathetically trying to recapture the image he had prior to the DUI accident that changed his life… forever. A zombie Dick Dale also features in this totally unnecessary and probably largely useless description. 

When I'm ready to die, I'll do the deed myself.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ash Eaters- Cold Hearts Demo (2011)

The Ash Eaters, a new band featuring two members from the
black/doom metal band Brown Jenkins (formerly on Moribund Records)
 have released their demo "Cold Hearts" for free download.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hell - S/T

I was gonna take a fucking nap and then I see some jerk who posted some whiny BS about some stupid band called Hell. Well, a bunch of lucky mother fuckers, you are, cause I'm gonna take a break from constantly interrupting people mid-sentence to voice my lousy, anachronistic opinions and provide you with this, torturous drone-doom from (I think) somewhere on the West Coast… Oregon maybe? Regardless, this album force feeds you soulless depression via Moss-y, Sleep-y, some-other-band-my-age-rattled-mind-can't-think-of-y progressions with the occasional Bongzillaesque riff thrown in for good measure. Or, through long, multi-track funeral dirges suitable for the death of an Idea itself rather than the failure to implement it on human grounds. Really thick, vile, menacing stuff. 

Update: I was totally right about them being from Oregon. Salem, to be exact.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Volahn & Tukaaria - split (2011)

Heres a new split from two Californian black metal bands. Its released on Crepusculo Negro / Rhinocervs and if you dont know what the later is, its pretty much a label/band run anomalously by two dudes(plus others) who release some pretty varying in styles music on compilation discs. The whole concept is pretty awesome. Anyhow its tied into all those black twilight members and some of the label's related projects include Absum (USA), Glossolalia, Nihilobstat, Odz Manouk so I would assume its all those dudes? IDK listen to it or whatever.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Brulvahnatu - Uterine Acid Swishes

   I'm drunk and I dig on this right now. Its got some piano parts, and some guitar parts, and the opposite of a bunch of songs that are the opposite of the right length, and some guy singing something I can't understand. Its probably French or some shit because its from Canada but I'm OK with that. Cool album name… can't say so much for the name of the band itself though, which is probably douchebaggian for something like Distant Angel's Kiss which is already douchebaggy enough. What the fuck. 

Monday, February 28, 2011

Trap Them- Darker Handcraft

What can you say about trap them? Pissed as fuck.

The Lärves - Dis Is Hell

  I got this this weekend. E-mail. Unsolicited. Guys were just like, "Hey. Here's a cd." Nice, right? I was watching that Californication show starring Mulder from the X-Files. No Skully, though…

    So I finally got around to listening to this short demo/EP/whatever, and if the vocals and mastering/lack of mastering weren't doing what they're doing (and doing very well), I think I might think about not posting this on here - at its heart, The Lärves bring to the table a kind of bare-bones World Burns To Death kind of D-Beat, which I'm into and all, but that's not exactly this specific blogs forte…

   Anyway, as I was saying before, there's something very special about how these guys decided to go about their business of playing a lot of similar, relatively simplistic, satanic (yeah, I'll take liberties) chord progressions over a bunch of drum fills... which is, at the right volume, really all anyone wants. They've got a massively over-driven (as in, beyond the red) sound that has the potential to awaken the most latent, forgotten bowel movements. I'd say they fall somewhere near the middle of the legendary spectrum of Disfwold (that's Disfear-cranked-up-to-12 at the one end and good ol' Wold at the other, BTW) in both terms of disgusting distortion as well as rollickin' riffin' that makes me (or at least a part of me (^_~)) squirm. That, paired with the sufficiently-screeched vocals, make this a relatively filthy record. Recommended.

I'd give it a 7.5/10 because its short and the bass line on one song kind of bugs me.

Plus, they have a track called "Black Gold War," which is an obvious reference to the Pittsburgh Steelers, possibly referring to the hopefully impending ouster of one B. Roethlisfuckyournameislong and the infighting that will precede it.

So I guess that means, make it an 8.5/10. Gotta represent.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dragged into Sunlight- Hatred for Mankind (2009)

 This is stupidly hateful and depressing black sludge from the UK. I'm alittle behind on this so you've probably  already heard this, but its recommended. reupped.

Svartrit- I (2010)

Here is more swedish orthodox black metal
''Svartrit'' is Swedish for ''black rite''. The band was started in 2003  because of religious beliefs and as a way to reach the anti-cosmic spirit through music.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gotsu Totsu Kotsu (兀突骨) - Mouryou (魍魎)

I first heard these guys at a show my friend's then-band Zombie Blasphemy was opening at Urga in Shinjuku in late '09. GTK was the headliner, though I had no idea who the hell they were. Which I guess was good, because the surprise I had upon hearing them, especially after a pretty lack-luster set of openers, was huge. GTK play technical/brutal/stupidfuckingsubgenres death metal, though they've also got a number of almost-catchy riffs blood-splattered throughout the album.  

I hear a lot of Cryptopsy, though with obvious differences, but mostly I hear a rockin'er version of Haruhisa's other band, Defiled. I'm continually impressed by all 3 of this band's members' musicianship, though the afore-mentioned Haruhisa (vocals, bass) is of particular note because each of his hands are actually just big, throbbing blisters from playing like he does. Its pretty gross. Or brutal.

 Bloody Ears & Beer (where I exclusively post about the music scene over here) has the translations of the tracks listed if you're interested. 

Am I even allowed to promote my own blog here?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chronaexus- Algedonic Awakening (2010)

 Chronaexus is a atmospheric black metal band from Sacramento, Ca. Basically its all the dudes from the tech as fuck DM band Slaughterbox playing some horribly depressing black metal. Its fast in some parts, Others are slow, thick and churning keeps the Algedonic Awakening an interesting listening. The main thing that makes this album completely killer is the texture/ layering they use. Anyways that's enough outta me... here it is.
oh yah and welcome Bloody Ears And Beer who is gonna help keep this blog going with new shit for you to bang your head to.

Weakling - Dead As Dreams

   One of the quintessential USBM albums, not yet up on this blog. Sets the stage for both the NYC BM scene as well as the Cascadian scene, in my opinion. Released in... 2000-ish, and died immediately after that.  Apparently, some guy from some stupid sounding band called "The Fucking Champs" is doing some guitar-magic on this album, but I wonder.

   These 2 posts end my initial posting session. Caaaaan yooooou dig it?

Syphilitic Vaginas - Complete Studio Recordings

   Despite the funny characters adorning the cover of this album, S.V. are from somewhere in Sweden or whatever. I guess they've been around since 2005 but remain largely inactive these days. Anyway,  this is pretty good BBQ music, so long as you've got enough whiskey to remain firmly seated on the outskirts of said BBQ grounds, not talking to anyone.

   Probably for fans of G.I.S.M., Dishammer, Bestial Warlust, or Disfear.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Burzum- Fallen (2011)


Gniyrg Gnaarg- From Mother Sun (2010)

This is a new Finnish/Spanish stoner/doom band from Finland.They have just recorded thier first demo; a four song 40-minute monolith called "From Mother Sun".You can tell by this bands sound that they love to party too hard but they cant be bothered by hangovers and still have the will power to create crushing stoner doom.
Check it out.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Horseback- The Invisible Mountain (2010)

Droney, Harsh Black Noise, Black Metal, Atmospheric. This Record explores a darker, noisier, and more agressive side of drone music. All created by a dude named Jenks Miller.

Black Pyramid- Black Pyramid (2009)

Fuck this is some stoner doom heaviness. Check it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

11 as in adversaries- The Full Intrepid Experience of Light (2010)

I've been patiently waiting and very curious for this one. This is the band that was formerly Glorior Belli when they decieded to go not so black metal, then switch back to black metal and released this under a different name. Although I haven't gotten a chance to listen to it all the way through with out it being background music whilst I play unreal tournament 2k4, It sounds interesting. If anyone has a link to the new Glorior belli/creeping split please send it this way. Also if anyone else wants to contribute/upload/ review  for  this blog please feel free to email me diekillyourselfdie (a) hotmail dot com. I find that I dont have as much time as I used to to do this and I dont want to see it slowly die.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No One Is an Island- Presentations (2007)

No One Is An Island is the latest project from North Westen Pennsylvania musicians Brandon Colao, Greg Simon (formerly of The Goodbye Sessions/There’s Always Tomorrow) and rookie to the line up, Ryan Colao. The members have been playing together since 1999 and have toured the entire east coast and mid-south twice, worked with Alan Douches (West West Side Music), and also has shared the stage with acts such as Fall Out Boy, Poison The Well, Terror, Hit The Lights, Spitalfield, Rookie Of The Year, Punchline and Down To Earth Approach. In this new project the musicians were advancing to stray away from their previous efforts and demand something new and fresh. The band went into their recording studio in the summer of 2010 with almost nothing written, all drum tracks improvised, and only one or two guitar riffs written prior to the sessions. Building something from nothing; a lasting impression of this brand new charismatic act.