Friday, April 29, 2011

Endless Disease- Our Dawn is the End


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Submissions: Myosis - Schism of Precepts (Split w/ J) & Obsidian Kingdom - 3-11

So occasionally I get requests from bands across the globe to post their material. Recently I've received these two albums. 

Myosis is a Pakistani Doom Metal band that plays pretty straight-forward, head-nodding doom with the requisite lyrics about enlightenment and stuff. Its a bit repetitious, but theres a groove there, and I definitely get a Gallhammer vibe from them, which is good. I'll be honest and say they've got some work to do, especially drums wise, but overall they've at least got the atmosphere right, and so its a decent slab of distorted muck, and a pretty good first effort. 

J's from Thailand or something. J plays funeral doom, or something.

Myosis (and J) - Schism of Precepts

I did a bit of research on this band, and get a lot of tech death metal descriptions, saying how they're huge on the underground scene or something. Upon first hearing it, I immediately pegged them as melodic death, but I'd say occasionally they venture into at least quasi-technical territory. Well, once, to my recollection. When they're doing the melodic death thing, I'd say its pretty decent, but they have this annoying habit of also going into James Maynard Keenan mode and pulling off this Tool/Perfect Circle shit, which really rubs me the wrong way. Overall, I'd say there's definitely potential here, but at least as far as this EP is concerned they really need to peg down an identity for themselves. The melodic stuff's alright, and the quasi-tech stuff they occasionally go for also works for them, but FUCK I hate anything that sounds like JMK had anything to do with it.

Side note: 311? Really? You couldn't think of anything better?
Come Original, guys. You've got to fucking come original.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Belphegor - Blutsabbath

Austrian "Blackened Death Metal". Or so I'm told. I hear a bit of Gorgoroth, and some of the Polish BM acts in this. So its more just like, not True but rather what BM has come to these days. Not a bad thing, just a far shot from what it used to be. Christ, just look at Behemoth. 

Their logo reminds me way too much of Mayhem. Get some originality guys, jeez.

On a serious note, I've finally finished relocating to Tokyo after being displaced for over a month due to the tsunami, so I should be back on this blog often enough, posting stuff that people refuse to comment on thus leading me to post more shit that no one cares about because you selfish shits won't tell me what you think.

Fuck you, I hope you're happy.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Il Sangue - Elegia 4: …In Still Desolation

This is some really, really, really caustic music. Black Metal, but, like, way more wretched and vile. Did you ever see that awesome space movie Event Horizon? You know that seen when they descramble the video they found and its this scene of people pooping guts and shoving their fists and arms down other peoples throats and what not? And then that guy says "Ich liebe dich" or whatever it might have been latin while showing you his eyeballs that he ripped out of his head? This would be an awesome soundtrack to a feature length version of that…

...Or at least the parts that aren't really pretty acoustic interludes. Anyway, I think Ulver would be proud of these guys - terrible sound quality, shredded vocals, chainsaws, and mexican mariachi all figure into this album.

Speaking of movies, I heard a rumor they're making a sequel to Bad Santa, which is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.