Thursday, March 24, 2011

Noise A-Go-Go's - Rock 'n' Noise, Grind 'n' Roll


Guess who survived a 9.0 earthquake and a 4 or 5 meter tsunami that destroyed his apartment and caused a nuclear reactor to explode in Japan with barely a scratch, most of his shit, and a huge wad of cash he didn't have prior to the accident? THISSSS GUUYYYYYY. So, to celebrate my newly-discovered immortality, here's a festering slab of Grindabilly (I guess that works…) straight from the oozing bowels of the land of the rising sun.  Its kind of like if Elvis sang in farts, and had spastic fits on stage while trying pathetically trying to recapture the image he had prior to the DUI accident that changed his life… forever. A zombie Dick Dale also features in this totally unnecessary and probably largely useless description. 

When I'm ready to die, I'll do the deed myself.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ash Eaters- Cold Hearts Demo (2011)

The Ash Eaters, a new band featuring two members from the
black/doom metal band Brown Jenkins (formerly on Moribund Records)
 have released their demo "Cold Hearts" for free download.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hell - S/T

I was gonna take a fucking nap and then I see some jerk who posted some whiny BS about some stupid band called Hell. Well, a bunch of lucky mother fuckers, you are, cause I'm gonna take a break from constantly interrupting people mid-sentence to voice my lousy, anachronistic opinions and provide you with this, torturous drone-doom from (I think) somewhere on the West Coast… Oregon maybe? Regardless, this album force feeds you soulless depression via Moss-y, Sleep-y, some-other-band-my-age-rattled-mind-can't-think-of-y progressions with the occasional Bongzillaesque riff thrown in for good measure. Or, through long, multi-track funeral dirges suitable for the death of an Idea itself rather than the failure to implement it on human grounds. Really thick, vile, menacing stuff. 

Update: I was totally right about them being from Oregon. Salem, to be exact.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Volahn & Tukaaria - split (2011)

Heres a new split from two Californian black metal bands. Its released on Crepusculo Negro / Rhinocervs and if you dont know what the later is, its pretty much a label/band run anomalously by two dudes(plus others) who release some pretty varying in styles music on compilation discs. The whole concept is pretty awesome. Anyhow its tied into all those black twilight members and some of the label's related projects include Absum (USA), Glossolalia, Nihilobstat, Odz Manouk so I would assume its all those dudes? IDK listen to it or whatever.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Brulvahnatu - Uterine Acid Swishes

   I'm drunk and I dig on this right now. Its got some piano parts, and some guitar parts, and the opposite of a bunch of songs that are the opposite of the right length, and some guy singing something I can't understand. Its probably French or some shit because its from Canada but I'm OK with that. Cool album name… can't say so much for the name of the band itself though, which is probably douchebaggian for something like Distant Angel's Kiss which is already douchebaggy enough. What the fuck.