Friday, December 27, 2013

Rorcal - Világvége (2013) + A VERY special gift!!

RORCAL formed in 2006. They are from Geneva, Switzerland. These guys ARE NOT fucking around!!!! Their latest album Világvége is one of my personal favorites of 2013. It starts by grabbing you by the throat and just does not let go. This is my first post here in Doom Blackville, and you know what they say about your firsts.... Anyways, enough about me. It looks like the guys from Rorcal are very kind people because they have opened the floodgates to their ENTIRE discography for FREE!!!!
If you like what you hear, do them a favor and spend a little of that Christmas cash at their store or Bandcamp site. Again, it's an honor to be able to do this, so I am going to take advantage of spreading the gospel of Doom and hopefully help out great bands get their music out.If just 1 person spends 1 dollar from what they hear from any of my postings to help out any of the bands I ramble on about, then I will be 1 happy S.O.B. So, thanks again for the opportunity and I do not plan on disappointing.

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bong Goblin- Buddy Waters (2013)

Hmmm.... looks like another contestant for best band name rears its ugly head. From what I can tell Bong Goblin is a UK Stoner Doom band in appearance, but substance wise is much more than that. Hints of Thrash, Black Metal and weirdly Psychedelic interludes whirl around you keeping the slow weedy jams from completely numbing your brain to a stop and keeping it a little more interesting. Anyways, check out their bandcamp and give them a listen...