Friday, January 21, 2011

Horseback- The Invisible Mountain (2010)

Droney, Harsh Black Noise, Black Metal, Atmospheric. This Record explores a darker, noisier, and more agressive side of drone music. All created by a dude named Jenks Miller.

Black Pyramid- Black Pyramid (2009)

Fuck this is some stoner doom heaviness. Check it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

11 as in adversaries- The Full Intrepid Experience of Light (2010)

I've been patiently waiting and very curious for this one. This is the band that was formerly Glorior Belli when they decieded to go not so black metal, then switch back to black metal and released this under a different name. Although I haven't gotten a chance to listen to it all the way through with out it being background music whilst I play unreal tournament 2k4, It sounds interesting. If anyone has a link to the new Glorior belli/creeping split please send it this way. Also if anyone else wants to contribute/upload/ review  for  this blog please feel free to email me diekillyourselfdie (a) hotmail dot com. I find that I dont have as much time as I used to to do this and I dont want to see it slowly die.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No One Is an Island- Presentations (2007)

No One Is An Island is the latest project from North Westen Pennsylvania musicians Brandon Colao, Greg Simon (formerly of The Goodbye Sessions/There’s Always Tomorrow) and rookie to the line up, Ryan Colao. The members have been playing together since 1999 and have toured the entire east coast and mid-south twice, worked with Alan Douches (West West Side Music), and also has shared the stage with acts such as Fall Out Boy, Poison The Well, Terror, Hit The Lights, Spitalfield, Rookie Of The Year, Punchline and Down To Earth Approach. In this new project the musicians were advancing to stray away from their previous efforts and demand something new and fresh. The band went into their recording studio in the summer of 2010 with almost nothing written, all drum tracks improvised, and only one or two guitar riffs written prior to the sessions. Building something from nothing; a lasting impression of this brand new charismatic act.