Thursday, January 28, 2010

Circle of Dead Children- Human Harvest (2003)

Okay so here it is, CODC, this is probably the HEAVIEST deathgrind record of all time, only a matter of time until Psalms of the Grand Destroyer is released and we all die. Listen to this at high volumes. Completely Mandatory.

This is the cross.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Eyehategod- Dopesick (2006)

There was a couple monthes that I did nothing but listen to EYEHATEGOD and it was a really great time in my life.

American Nightmare- Background Music

alrite, here is a hardcore band that everyone should know. If you dont know them, then wiki it bro.
1. (We Are)
2. Theres A Black Hole In The Shadow Of The Pru
3. Am/Pm
4. Shoplifting In A Ghost Town
5. I Saved Latin
6. Postmark My Compass
7. I.C. You Are Feeling Drake
8. Hearts
9. God Save The Queen
10. Your Arsonist
11. Farewell

Monday, January 18, 2010

Arsis- Starve for the Devil (2010)

I was one of those kids that hyped up Celebration of Guilt way to much a few years ago, was pretty disappointed with there releases afterwards, but this has some redeeming qualities. Melodic Tech Death metal at its absoloute best. The one major gripe I have is the song "Forced to Rock". sounds like a Tenacious D song. Whatever, listen to it a few times and put COG back on.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Slaughterbox / Killgasm - Crippler / The Loss of Human Dignity (2009)

Okay slaughterbox and Killgasm split, kinda a weird combo, but it works and it works well.
Slaughterbox is a technical death metal band with an emphasis on technical but retains a groove as well, pretty unique.
Killgasm are a death black grind band with over the top lyrics and song titles, if you can't tell from the cover artwork, ha. Just get it, listen to it, realize its awesome and order the vinyl, go to or email the band at their myspace also Killgasm will be releasing some new material with Hal from slaughterbox filling in on guitar which is nothing short of amazin' and im totes stoked on it.

Lightning Swords of Death and Valdur - Split (2008)

Okay so another Lightning Swords of Death post, this is infinitely better than their full length, better recording, song writing, the whole nine. Its like thrash black metal with some doomish crushingly heavy parts, very good.

then theres VALDUR from Mammoth Lakes Cali, who I literally cannot get enough of, its just really epically writen black metal with long songs that dont get boring. def. one of my more favorite splits. RECOMMENDEDDD.

Get it.