Friday, March 4, 2011

Hell - S/T

I was gonna take a fucking nap and then I see some jerk who posted some whiny BS about some stupid band called Hell. Well, a bunch of lucky mother fuckers, you are, cause I'm gonna take a break from constantly interrupting people mid-sentence to voice my lousy, anachronistic opinions and provide you with this, torturous drone-doom from (I think) somewhere on the West Coast… Oregon maybe? Regardless, this album force feeds you soulless depression via Moss-y, Sleep-y, some-other-band-my-age-rattled-mind-can't-think-of-y progressions with the occasional Bongzillaesque riff thrown in for good measure. Or, through long, multi-track funeral dirges suitable for the death of an Idea itself rather than the failure to implement it on human grounds. Really thick, vile, menacing stuff. 

Update: I was totally right about them being from Oregon. Salem, to be exact.


  1. Holly shit... this is greeeeaaaatt stufff man.

  2. Salem, Or. coming through with the heaviest evil. Find Merkstave!

  3. You want to my version of Hell? It would be having the dentist drill at my teeth for hours on end, with none of the numbing things working. This happened once in Surrey, and well, I don't do it unless I get sedated.