Friday, November 25, 2011

Revelation of Doom - Shemhamforash

I guess when Hate disbanded their guitarist started these guys up. That's what tells me, anyway. I listen to Hate and, as we all know now, this band as well, and never put the 2 together.  That's a shortcoming on my part, and I'm sorry. Uhhh… so I guess these guys are alright. Blackened Death is definitely a good place to start when describing them, though I never understood why that's never been shortened to just Black Death which is so much cooler and reminds me of rats, plague spreading via filth, the futility of struggle, and, ultimately, Albert Camus. So I guess by a very long string of subjective relations, this is definitively my kind of music, especially considering the track The Goat Whore which I swear is referring to me when they grunt what sounds like "bourbon creation" in the chorus. I like that song so much I use the goats as my ringtone, which imbues me with a kind of tech/metal (get it?) chic because not a lot of people pick up on the brutality of goats beying with bells in the distant background OR my own inherent brutal-ness. Occasionally, though, they do. Sometimes even girls do, and in that case we go have sweaty bacon sex.

Basically, I hear those goats and I think, "yeah, come over here, you dirty whore."

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