Friday, December 9, 2011

DOombLacK's beSt of 2011!!!!!!!

Figured I would have to do one of these at some point, havent really been digging much BM or doom (which is strange since that is the reason I started this horrible blog in the first place) this year which is probably one of the reasons that this blog is suffering, but what can I say?
Sometimes in life you need alittle more focus on primitive slams and ripping hits from the gorebong and alittle less focus on hating people and cold weather.
Its a possibility that my taste will shift once the whole state of Pennsylvania is covered in a few feet of snow, but for now and this year i enjoyed the pittriffment more that usual.

So on to the list if anyone wants my two cents...

Condemned- Realms of the Ungodly, This cd is just awesome, some really razor sharp riffs and aggressive breaks all soaked with a thin veil of dark atmosphere. Basically these dudes listen to too much Disgorge and decided to play exactly what they hear and throw is some chromatic slam riffs. Ive heard alot of reviews saying its such a step up from there last album "Desecrate the Vile" but im going to have to disagree they both do what they set out to do and they both do it well but they are mad differents. This on Unique leader go out and buy it this shit rulez.

Cephalotripsy- 2011 Promo- Nothing needed to be said about this one, it came out like 3 days ago and is seriously awesome.

Craft- Void- I think this one just kinda needed to be mentioned, probably the most anticipated album for me in recent memory and if defintaly lived up to its hype, not quite as fast as I would like but very good none the less

Anomalous-Ohmnivalent- oh man I dont remember what month this record came out, but i know it was in the beginning of the year and its been on my constant rotation all year long. This is one of those bands that you kinda over look because their first full release is kinda shitty with shit production and just really shitty, but I decided to give this a chance and it did not dissappoint. Think Meshuggah mixed with Cryptopsy.

Pathology- Awaken the Suffering- This cd is great, the best way to describe it is primitive tech slam influenced brutal death metal. That tour with Grave and Blood Red Throne was def a high light of my concert going career. Plus, Shawn Whitaker on vocals... you really cant beat that.

Abnormity- Irreversible Disintegration- This cd is retarded/ amazing. Russian BDM think Abominable Putridity using great production creating a slam wall of slam sound that sounds like a tank about to slam you over then youll get it.

ASAP Rocky - LiveLoveA$ap - Thanks to brett over at anihilate for connected me back to my hip hop roots once again

Ezophagothomia- Instinct of Inhuman Devourment- This is slam, this is pure heaviness. It takes a few spins to really appreciate this record because they totally triggered and fucked up the shit out of the drums, but once the kick drums wears on you this album is addictive as fuck.

Honorable Mentions:

Origin - entity - its cool this band started to write some really catchy and groovy tech death the best part is its very memorable now. I enjoyed it.
Visceral Disgorge- techy slam pretty good shit to harsh your mellow.

So yeah thats it other than that i've been listenin to alot of Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Ahab, Disgorge, Nachtmystium, Infernal War and all that shit.
I'm sure that the new Leviathan would have made it up there if I have had the time to listen to it.

also still looking for more contributors so email me up diekillyourselfdie (@) hot()

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  1. Killer list! so much slam. I like it. Glad you dug that A$AP, mane. Didn't even know about the Cephalotripsy. Gotta go find it