Friday, November 11, 2011

LSD March - Jurando

   Look at that tiny, grainy picture - it's all there is of this album online! That tells you something concerning how very good it is.

   A warning - this isn't metal (uhoh). Another warning - its in another language (uhoh). He's probably singing about how your Burberry and Louis Vuitton outfit is as expensive as it is lame, right? Or maybe just making up all kinds of unfounded non-truths about you but still arguing them at a skill level that makes them hurt despite their complete untruth.

   Well, asshole, I've got news for you, and if you give me time I'll be sure to make it hurt.  But to start, what's with the snow? You live in Himeji, home of no snow ever and really poor representations of dolphins. 

   But, I'll give you credit: in that 100% not-Scandavian-esque-wasteland that is the middle of Honshu, you've made something outstanding; an isolated, introspective, lo-fi psychedelic folk experience that I can't really ask more from. I don't know what the hell you recorded on, but it sounds so bad that it imploded on itself and somehow tricks me into thinking this is some of the best music I've heard in a while. I now drink the cheapest of whiskey on those lonely nights to your acoustic escapades of estrangement, and not The Cure's. Which is an improvement, arguably.

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