Monday, February 28, 2011

The Lärves - Dis Is Hell

  I got this this weekend. E-mail. Unsolicited. Guys were just like, "Hey. Here's a cd." Nice, right? I was watching that Californication show starring Mulder from the X-Files. No Skully, though…

    So I finally got around to listening to this short demo/EP/whatever, and if the vocals and mastering/lack of mastering weren't doing what they're doing (and doing very well), I think I might think about not posting this on here - at its heart, The Lärves bring to the table a kind of bare-bones World Burns To Death kind of D-Beat, which I'm into and all, but that's not exactly this specific blogs forte…

   Anyway, as I was saying before, there's something very special about how these guys decided to go about their business of playing a lot of similar, relatively simplistic, satanic (yeah, I'll take liberties) chord progressions over a bunch of drum fills... which is, at the right volume, really all anyone wants. They've got a massively over-driven (as in, beyond the red) sound that has the potential to awaken the most latent, forgotten bowel movements. I'd say they fall somewhere near the middle of the legendary spectrum of Disfwold (that's Disfear-cranked-up-to-12 at the one end and good ol' Wold at the other, BTW) in both terms of disgusting distortion as well as rollickin' riffin' that makes me (or at least a part of me (^_~)) squirm. That, paired with the sufficiently-screeched vocals, make this a relatively filthy record. Recommended.

I'd give it a 7.5/10 because its short and the bass line on one song kind of bugs me.

Plus, they have a track called "Black Gold War," which is an obvious reference to the Pittsburgh Steelers, possibly referring to the hopefully impending ouster of one B. Roethlisfuckyournameislong and the infighting that will precede it.

So I guess that means, make it an 8.5/10. Gotta represent.


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