Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gotsu Totsu Kotsu (兀突骨) - Mouryou (魍魎)

I first heard these guys at a show my friend's then-band Zombie Blasphemy was opening at Urga in Shinjuku in late '09. GTK was the headliner, though I had no idea who the hell they were. Which I guess was good, because the surprise I had upon hearing them, especially after a pretty lack-luster set of openers, was huge. GTK play technical/brutal/stupidfuckingsubgenres death metal, though they've also got a number of almost-catchy riffs blood-splattered throughout the album.  

I hear a lot of Cryptopsy, though with obvious differences, but mostly I hear a rockin'er version of Haruhisa's other band, Defiled. I'm continually impressed by all 3 of this band's members' musicianship, though the afore-mentioned Haruhisa (vocals, bass) is of particular note because each of his hands are actually just big, throbbing blisters from playing like he does. Its pretty gross. Or brutal.

 Bloody Ears & Beer (where I exclusively post about the music scene over here) has the translations of the tracks listed if you're interested. 

Am I even allowed to promote my own blog here?

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