Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shitestrom- Lake Erie Blasphemy (2010) Sampler

Shitestrom is Black Metal from Northwest PA and here is there new short two song sampler.

"Shitestrom (from Erie, PA) sound like they've been vacationing overseas in the grimmest of locals. Summoning influence from Watain, Leviathan, Dissection, Xasthur, and early Gorgoroth, prepare for relentless blasting drums (along with a traditionally thin guitar tone) and harsh distorted vocals that are often a dead wringer for Wrest of Leviathan. All in all, expect a shit storm of rock solid unholy black metal which will undoubtedly "bludgeon your children's cunts with the hammer of Satan." Looking forward to hearing more from these disgusting reprobates." - Taken from the best metal blog on the net.

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