Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Japanese Black Metal!

Japan has some very enjoyably music, mainly black and doom metal. Its strange to see how a country devoid of christianity and satan but still can write some pretty typical black metal but with a strange still "japanese" style to it, its hard to describe. If your interested in more Asian Black Metal bands here is a great website with a decent list and quick descriptions.

Here is a compilation of all of my favorite JPN Black Metal. ENJOY!

Sigh- Hangmans Hymn 2007


Gnome- Under the Black Moon

GallHammer- Gloomy Light 2004 Here.

Abigail- Intercorse and Lust 1997 HERE.

Endless Dismal Moan- Ruin 2007 Here.

Endless Dismal Moan- Endless Dismal Moan 2004Here

R.I.P. Chaos9 !

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