Friday, September 25, 2009

Something that makes me PISSSED.

Today I made the mistake of downloading Austrian Death Machines- Double Brootal.
I fail to see the humor in this, is Arnold really that funny? Wwhy because he has an Hungarian accent? because he WAS a bad actor? I dont understand, it really makes me angry. The terminator movies are bad ass.

EDIT: Sorry he has an Austrian Accent.... Kintergarden Cop was bad ass, End of days, Last action hero, The fucking Predator, Conan the Barbarian, eraser, all ranging from awesome to decent movies that are classics to me.


  1. ...he has an Austrian accent. Besides Terminator, he made some awful films.

  2. yeah, lighten up Francis.

  3. None of those are quality films or have much to brag about acting-wise.